Saturday, January 14, 2012

the cloud in me

The universe is our refuge, as is the certainty that we are two. Each remote from the other, we are kept alive by means of this insuperable gap.

Nothing can ever fill it. Is it because I do not know you that I know that you are? How do I protect without restraining? You remain a mystery to me. Our alliance will always involve a mystery.
Such is the union between woman and man. I want to live in harmony with you and still remain other.
I want to draw nearer to you while protecting myself for you. In which part of myself do I preserve you?
In which breath? How do I remain without suffocating?
How do I make earth out of air, and protect the cloud in me?

Neither mine nor yours but each living and breathing with the other. What makes me one, and perhaps unique, is the fact that you are,

and I am not you.

All text is from the Prologue of To Be Two by Luce Irigaray (abbreviated )


mansuetude said...

Beautiful work to go with beautiful words. Its so nice to hear Irigaray.

Jennifer said...

I want to comment, but your exquisite work coupled with Irigaray's words have left me incapable of intelligent speech.

eb said...

these circles
have entranced me
as have
these words
about one
and you/two
and the circling
what are these glorious

xox - eb.

helen salo said...

The words fit very well for me, today. And as always, love the circles. Thanks. said...

I remember wading through pages and pages of Irigaray about 15 years ago for my Masters degree in women and literature. At the time much of it was incomprehensible, but your pictures make the words come alive. Thank you for finally illuminating the denseness of the text in a way that enables me to say 'I get it'.

Emmy said...

no words just joy for the work and the words

ArtPropelled said...

Wow! Beautiful images and words. I feel as if I've been drawn right into this space .... surrounded by circles.

bwilliams said...

I haven words for how this makes me feel! The images. the words. Powerful. Beyond expressing.

Snail Cloth said...

The whole thing read like a play or a song. I am not sure which but I think I read poetry for the first time...right.

Jacky said...

Beautiful words...and I absolutely LOVE your circles, the placement in the window, the light showing through...bojagi like.
Many hours, many thoughts.

Jacky xox

Penny Berens said...

You leave me breathless.

Jennifer said...

Just noticed that you've added to your art blog list. Thank you! It's an honor.

lotta said...

breathtaking work, breathtaking writing. thank you.

C said...

Judy, I am always in awe and appreciation of your work. So beautiful. Everything. Your work and your words.

Coach Tina said...

I have thought about a cloth with circles for about 3 years now-actually several. So Saturday evening I began with one, just like your tutorial. While mine doesn't look as nice as yours, it is a start and I shall continue with my hand dyed beautiful circles!

Thank you!