November 2016 update regarding our four children (and three grandchildren).

Our eldest, Oona,  and her husband Matt moved back to Alaska in August after a year in Toronto. Matt is a partner in an earth moving company in Anchorage and the boys attend a Waldorf school close to their home.

Oona brought the boys to Manitoulin many times over the year.  Above, they enjoy Providence Bay beach on Mother's Day weekend.
During the August visit, Everett turned 10. (see below) then in October, Jack turned 7.
Above, Everett and Jack read together.

Our son Jay and his wife Erika came to Manitoulin for my birthday in July.  They brought Aili who is now two and a half years old!  Hard to believe how fast time goes by.
Jay is a project manager at Ryerson University and Erika works for the provincial government.
We visited this young busy family in their Toronto house the last week of October and in this photo, Aili is ready for a neighbourhood haloween party.  Jay and Erika expect another baby in January 2017.
Aili Evelyn, the baby dragon. x

Grace moved to Ottawa in early September in order to start a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration from Carlton University.  She is really enjoying the studies and her lovely apartment close to the canal.


Our youngest, April, graduated with a MFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May 2016.  Above she stands with her copper sculpture.  She remains in the U.S.A. for another year, continuing to work in her field.
I went down to Chicago for the graduation and wrote about her exhibition here.

Paul Johnson
My father turned 93 years old in May.  Behind him are photos of us three children, my mother Pauline, and his mother Anna.  There is also a photo of him as a  5 year old immigrant from Finland and in the very top left, his grand parents.  The watercolour painting of the farm I grew up on near Fort Frances is by me, my daughter Oona perched on the fence.
Dad had health issues at the beginning of this year, but has stablized and is doing very well, He has kept his sense of humor even though he's lost nearly all mobility. He lives near to us in the Little Current Centennial Manor.
Other news: After years of pain in my left leg, the femur broke spontaneously in early June and I am still recovering after a beautiful summer of rest and stitching.  We've had a mild fall and I do go on a daily walk with a cane.

Most of the kids have not been keeping their blogs up, but I will leave the links on this page for a bit longer as reference.    (They are using Instagram now.)

Oona's blog  Playing with Spoons
Jay's blog, Ugly Little House
Grace has let her blog go.
April does keep a blog about her studio work. xtallography  and about her cyanotype performance
My younger sister, Nancy, has a blog about her paintings.  npaulartworks

links to family members.

Ned , my husband and support system for 43 years
OonaMatt,  Everett and Jack.

Jay,  Erika, Aili 




My mother, born 1927, passed away at age 80 in 2007   her obituary here

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